The Freelance Copywriter Helping You "Level Up" Your Marketing Needs.

Who Am I?

My name is Spencer.I'm a young father from Canada, who's dedicated to helping you win in this competitive space of digital marketing.

What Do I Do?

I help DTC and E-commerce businesses like yours to find what's working for you, and what isn't.I will help you "level up" your marketing needs, by helping you curate compelling copy to connect with your customers.

What Can You Expect From Me?

When you work with me, I strive to be the fastest with responding to all your questions, comments, and concerns. When you reach out you can feel confident and comfortable that I will always answer to you in a timely manner.


I have a passion for writing compelling copy, so I will not cut corners using AI softwares that spit out generic sounding copy that can't convert.
Every single piece of copy will have a personalized touch to make your customers feel like they are part of your brands family!

One thing I truly believe in, is being personable, easy to work with and understandable with all my clients.
I love feedback, so feel free to reach out and tell me what is on your mind. When I work with you, it is a partnership, not a job.

Fancy A Call?

Get in touch with me to book a call to discuss what I can do for you!